Dementia Care: Helping to Maintain Proper Nutrition

a caregiver serving food to a senior woman

A person with dementia may experience loss of cognitive function as well as bouts of forgetfulness, which can result in them facing plenty of challenges. In our experience as a provider of senior home care in California, this is the case.

People with dementia in the senior care home in Yorba Linda, California, may experience a loss of appetite, and as such, they may not be keeping proper nutrition. They may not be taking in the needed nutrition as they may forget to eat, not recognize the food, or due to their medications.

However, with assistance from an institution that provides assisted living in California, the person can overcome these challenges. As a simple illustration, here are some of the ways these institutions can help:

  • Patients can receive assistance during mealtimes.
    These patients may get distracted, have difficulty in choosing the right food, and might experience a change in taste preference. By limiting distractions and keeping food simple, patients will get a better meal experience.
  • By encouraging independence in patients, the patient retains their dignity.
    As much as possible, patients should be allowed to feed themselves when they can, just under supervision.
  • Reducing problems during eating can help patients retain the necessary nutrients.
    By preparing foods properly, like cutting them into bite-sized pieces, will reduce the effort required from the patients. In effect, patients will get more nutrition from their meals.

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