Behavioral Changes and Psychological Effects of Dementia

a caregiver comforting a sad senior man

When caring for someone with dementia, you might encounter difficult behaviors with your loved one. As the disease progresses, your loved one’s needs will increase, and your caregiving responsibilities will become more challenging. With the help of senior home care in California, we can give your loved one the best possible care they need.

Dementia slowly affects how the brain functions. One of the changes linked to dementia is in terms of memory, including a lack of understanding of place or time, and continuous memory loss. Symptoms of memory problems also include reminiscing memories and asserting that they are part of the present. With dementia, the ability to process information may deteriorate over time. Eventually, dementia patients may struggle to express what they want to say to others. Should things get out of hand, you may seek help from Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Yorba Linda, California.

For individuals with dementia, communication problems may also arise due to problems in speech and comprehension. Other noticeable symptoms include personality or behavioral changes, incapacity to complete activities of daily living, and incapability of organizing ideas. On the other hand, the final stage of dementia involves losing communication skills and inability to recognize family members.

The progression of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other forms of dementia, requires extensive supervision from loved ones. For most families, getting help from assisted living in California can be an option for them to be able to provide their loved ones with the right care.

Should you need assistance with your loved one with dementia, call Belmont Guests Retreat today! We offer a variety of services, including memory care services and hospice in Yorba Linda, California.

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