The Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

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Are you deciding on your senior family members? It’s better to understand the best possible facility before you choose them. Common services like assisted living and nursing homes have differences you should know. You can get the same services in a hospice in Yorba Linda, California. Here are the top differences you get from these senior services:

  • More Medical Services in Nursing HomeMany will say that medical services are both present. But, the main distinction is that nursing home requires more attention to the medical condition of the patient for round the clock care.Assisted living only requires minimal medical services depending on the severity of the condition of the patient.
  • Mode of PaymentA nursing home may be covered by Medicare or Medicaid while assisted living in California may take private pay as a mode of payment. Some insurance may include such an option to pay for both. You need to find the one that suits your patient’s needs.
  • Flexible to the Needs of PatientsFreedom in doing basic personal care routine is another aspect to look into. Nursing homes don’t give as much as flexible routines for patients as they are focused on medical services. Assisted living in Yorba Linda, California will make personalized programs for each of their seniors.

It’s good to know their difference in these services because the elderly in the family may need these in the future. Not that they will choose only one path, they will need to transition from one to another depending on the situation.

Belmont Guests Retreat, senior home care in California, will know which service is best suited for your senior loved ones. Contact their consultants today to know more.

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