The Different Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

a caregiver comforting a senior woman

Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of Dementia. Although the disease may progress at a different speed for each individual, there is a similar trajectory that most people follow as the disease progresses. Before considering assisted living in California or senior care home in Yorba Linda, California for your loved one with memory loss problems, it is best to familiarize first the different stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Generally, Alzheimer’s progresses slowly in three stages: (1) an early/mild stage with few symptoms; (2) a moderate stage of mild mental impairment; and (3) a severe stage of Alzheimer’s dementia. Take note however that these stages may overlap and each person may experience it differently.

In the early stage, minor memory lapses, like losing keys or forgetting the location of everyday objects may be the only symptoms, which can go unnoticed by the individual’s family members or physician.

During the moderate stage, brain functions get worse, affecting areas of the brain that control language, reasoning, and thought. Also, mood changes such as withdrawal and denial are more evident. Getting senior home care in California is a good idea at this stage to ensure that the person with Alzheimer’s gets proper care.

In the last stage of Alzheimer’s, the nerve cells in the brain are greatly damaged, causing a severe decline in vocabulary, emotions, and the connection of the brain to body parts. Full-time care is required as patients lose the ability to walk, sit, and hold up their heads.

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