Alzheimer’s Disease: Myths and Realities

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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, even clients who are looking for a hospice in Yorba Linda, California and the surrounding areas, oftentimes fall victim to these myths. Since misinformation can stand in the way of patients’ treatment, our team at Belmont Guests Retreat is sharing a few myths that have been debunked by research:

  • MYTH: My life is over the moment I am diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
    Not at all. The truth is, you can still live actively and purposefully for many years, even after getting a diagnosis of this brain disorder. A heart-healthy diet, regular exercise, staying socially engaged, and participating in mentally stimulating activities even while receiving assisted living in California, can help slow down the progression of this disease. Medications are also most effective in its early stages, thus, making early diagnosis vital.
  • MYTH: My chances of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are slim since it only affects aging individuals.
    As a community that offers senior home care in California, this is possibly the biggest misconception that we commonly encounter. In reality, while Alzheimer’s largely strikes seniors aged 65 and above, it can actually affect younger individuals, too.
  • MYTH: Alzheimer’s disease is not fatal.
    On the contrary, it has no known survivors. While it is best known for being a progressive disease that destroys brain cells and causes erratic behaviors, memory changes, and loss of bodily functions, the complications associated with cognitive decline can lead to death.
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