Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behavior

a senior woman talking to a sad senior man

One of the challenges when caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia is coping with their troubling behavior and personality changes. However, it’s important to remember that a dementia patient is not difficult. Often, your loved one’s behavioral issues are made worse by their environment, their inability to deal with stress, and their frustrated attempts to communicate. Here are some tips from our Alzheimer’s and dementia care in Yorba Linda, California, to help you manage your loved one’s symptoms better and improve their well-being:

  • Create a calm and soothing environment.
    Modify your home environment to reduce potential stressors that can create agitation and disorientation. These include loud or unidentifiable noises, shadowy lighting, mirrors, and other reflecting surfaces. Our senior home care in California also helps our residents remain flexible, patient, and relaxed.
  • Apply stress-reducing techniques.
    Residents in our assisted living in California get regular exercises, such as walking, dancing, or seated exercises. Exercise is one of the best stress-relievers for both the caregiver and the Alzheimer’s patient; this helps manage behavioral problems, such as aggression, wandering, and difficulty in sleeping.
  • Reduce nighttime restlessness.
    Maintain a regular sleep schedule. Reduce noise and light, and play soothing music to help your loved one get to sleep. Stuffed toys may also help soothe your loved one and allow them to sleep faster.

For more information about dementia and Alzheimer’s care, you may contact Belmont Guests Retreat. We offer assisted living home services and hospice in Yorba Linda, California. Call us today!

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